• Biohacking Insomnia

    Take control of your health and finally get the restorative sleep you deserve with our science-backed biohacks. Understand your own physiology & sleep better than you ever thought possible!

  • Lectin Avoidance Diet Cookbook

    The SelfHacked Lectin Avoidance Diet Cookbook is for people with autoimmune issues, chronic inflammation, IBS, IBD, CFS or anyone who wants some recipes and support to successfully manage these health conditions through diet.

  • SelfHacked Secrets

    SelfHacked Secrets synthesizes the knowledge and wisdom from the literature research, personal experimentation, and experience from consulting 1,000+ clients on their toughest health issues.

DNA Wellness reports

  • Cognitive Function DNA Wellness report

    Discover how to improve your cognitive function by analyzing the genes affecting your brain fog, lack of focus, and other cognitive issues.

  • Mood DNA Wellness report

    Discover how to optimize your mood and neurotransmitter levels by supporting your brain health naturally through nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes based on your genetic predispositions.

  • ApoE DNA Wellness Report

    Your ApoE variant could be responsible for your chronic inflammation and poor cognitive function. Learn about your ApoE genotype and find out the best diet, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations based on the genotype.

  • Sleep DNA Wellness Report

    Wake up to what your genetics have to say about your sleeping habits. Use your genetic data to uncover knowledge on how to optimize your sleep quality. Receive suggestions tailored to your personal sleep-genetic profile.

  • Vitamin DNA Wellness Report

    Unlock your full potential by learning how your genetics affect the way your body uses vitamins. Make more informed decisions about dietary vitamins and supplements. Improve your health and quality of life through personalized recommendations.

  • Essential Minerals DNA Wellness report

    Learn how to optimize the essential mineral levels in your body based on your genetic dispositions through nutritious foods, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

  • Cardiovascular DNA Wellness report

    This DNA Wellness report explains your risks of cardiovascular conditions including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, stroke, congenital heart defects and congestive heart failure. The report also provides some recommendations to address the risks based on your genes.

  • Inflammation DNA Wellness report

    This DNA Wellness report explains your risks for general inflammation, bone inflammation, brain and nervous system diseases, respiratory problems, skin diseases, and digestive problems. The report also provides some recommendations to address the risks based on your genes.

  • Fitness DNA Wellness report

    Unlock the secrets behind how your DNA affects your fitness levels and how to maximize the benefits of your exercise. Learn about your gene-based ability to build muscle, lose weight, be motivated to exercise and more.

  • Health Overview DNA Wellness report

    This introductory DNA Wellness report provides you a snapshot of your genetic variants that relate to your fitness, food and nutrition, and personality traits. The report also provides some recommendations to address the risks based on your genes. This report is included in SelfDecode memberships and is $29 for non-SelfDecode members.

Online Courses

  • All About Inflammation

    This mini-course covers anything and everything that could possibly affect inflammation levels in your body, including foods, lifestyle factors, and Th1/Th2/Th17 dominances, as well as ways to address them.

  • SelfHacked Elimination Diet Protocol

    This course covers 17 video lessons on the science behind food sensitivities and the best way to identify your food sensitivities using our proven elimination diet protocol. You will have more detailed instructions and in-depth science than the cookbook, and also access to a Facebook support group.

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  • Lab Test Analyzer

    Lab Test Analyzer analyzes your lab tests in the context of your age, gender, demographic, and health status. It informs you of the science-based optimal range and provides health recommendations to optimize your health based on your lab tests.

  • SelfDecode Genetic Analyzer

    Our scientifically-curated database helps you understand your genes, and offers personalized health recommendations based on your individual SNPs and symptoms. A subscription to SelfDecode also includes an Introductory DNA Wellness Report and two Premium DNA Wellness reports of your choice.

  • SelfHacked VIP

    Get your questions answered by Joe, and receive special member bonuses and discounts.