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Dr. Garry Gordon: PEMF, Chelation, & Infrared

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  • In this podcast, I interview Dr. Gordon, MD, DO, who has been practicing medicine for 57 years.
  • He heads a forum that has 4300 doctors reading it.
  • He’s kind of like a doctor’s doctor…
  • NIH gave him 31 million dollars to study chelation.
  • I had fun… He’s a cute guy. I like him.
  • Anyway, hope you enjoy…

Questions and Answers – Synopsis


Why is Lead so bad?

  • Interferes with energy production.
  • Interferes with brain and memory processes.
  • Lead interferes with everything
  • We are born with 1000X more lead than any human being 700 years ago.
  • You are always releasing lead in your body because it’s stored in your bones.
  • It takes 15 years to get rid of the lead in your bones because that’s how long it takes for the bones to completely renew.
  • Baby gets all the heavy metals from the mother. Mother can get rid of lead by having more babies.
  • NIH gave him 31 million dollars to study his lead removal program… and it showed that chelation is safe and effective. It dramatically reduces death in diabetics.
  • He’s doing now doing another multi-million dollar study to study lead.
  • You can pay 6,000 dollars to test for all the chemicals and toxins in your body, but the doctor who does these tests says that not a single person isn’t loaded with toxins
  • That’s why we need to “detox”.
  • Saunas are a good way to sweat the toxins out.
  • DEA agents on a raid became mentally poisoned and didn’t know their name when the chemicals got thrown in the air. They were completely disabled.
  • The toughest cases needed 8-10 hours of a Sauna for three months, but most needed less.
  • Sweating gets rid of poisons.
  • Coffee enemas can also get rid of toxins. Pancreatic patients live longer.
  • Whatever disease you talk about, you need to detox.
  • Dr. Gordon was a cardiac cripple, couldn’t go up a flight of steps at 16, had to close his office down at 28.
  • After 8 doses of chelation, Dr. Gordon felts amazing and his endurance went up dramatically.
  • Inflammation is the biggest problem today. Inflammation is tied to every disease. Getting rid of the lead isn’t enough anymore because we’re loaded with infections and toxins. Our microbiome is disturbed. We used to have 30,000 bacterial organisms in our intestines, and now we have 3,000.
  • Round-up/glyphosate disturbs our intestinal flora.
  • It’s not enough today just to get lead and mercury out.

Can you get lead and mercury out of the brain?

  • Your body can’t keep a ton of lead in one tissue and zero in another tissue. The body distributes it.

How do you respond to the critics who attack your 31 million dollar study that it’s not “clinically significant.”?

  • Nonsense…the directors of the NIH are giving him another 30 million dollars because they were impressed with the study’s outcome.

How do you combine Niacin and the infrared sauna?

  • This is what they used for the DEA agents who were completely disabled.
  • A lot of people hate niacin flush, and it’s theoretical that it works.
  • He’d rather it be more simple and easier, so he doesn’t use the niacin flush.
  • He’s the father of Zeolite
  • First, you need to lower the level of inflammation.
  • He’d rather lower the inflammation than the lead first.
  • An anti-inflammatory diet is important.
  • Redox signaling molecules. ASEA water. 10,000 papers on redox signaling molecules.
  • Www.theredoxdoc.com is a place where you can learn about redox.
  • We have more influence from our mother because she controls the mitochondria.
  • Restoreforlife has been able to concentrate on the mitochondria problem.
  • We need to restore biodiversity. Restoreforlife sells a product that restores biodiversity. Thanks to things like antibiotics and glyphosate, we destroyed our gut flora.
  • Dr. Gordon feels amazing now and some of this is from taking a teaspoon of a homeopathic redox signaling supplement. Supplement has frequencies.

What do you think of the criticism of homeopathy, that it has no active molecules?

  • It gives the body frequencies. We know it works, but we’re still not sure exactly how. It’s completely affordable and nontoxic.
  • He’s the doctor that cancels bypass and stents. If what he does doesn’t work he’d be sued left and right. His program works on everyone.

Do you test people for heavy metals? If yes, why, since everybody is loaded with heavy metals anyway..?

  • Yes, he loves testing… Testing is important because it gives doctors cover when they get people off of drugs and surgeries.

What are the main sources of heavy metals?

  • Lead is not such a problem today, but mercury is in everyone’s face.
  • It’s coming from coal plants and all over the environment… there’s Nowhere to hide.
  • Most of what we think is right is entirely wrong when we look at it more closely.
  • At age 80, he’s riding his bike up steep hills.
  • Put good stuff in and take bad stuff out.

What’s your diet like?

  • 50% of his diet is from fat.
  • Since he can’t afford to eat all organic, he makes sure to take his restore4life that’s sold on longevityplus.com
  • Why does he push it? Because if he can’t that biodiversity back, everyone will have twice the size of the stool volume and you may not have to spend 3 months in the sauna.
  • Uses ozone in an infrared sauna that covers the body, but your head sticks out… so your body is swimming in ozone, but you shouldn’t breathe it in… and he combines this with restoreforlife… and this has great detoxing abilities.

What do you think of the cheaper Ozone devices?

  • Yes, there’s certainly a difference, but cheap home devices are still good.
  • This past week he’s felt better than he has in his whole life.
  • Skin is more effective than your kidneys in getting rid of some toxins.
  • Takes oral chelation for 40 years.

How much EDTA do you take?

  • 1g is a good dose. Sodium EDTA is good when taken internally.
  • If you have inflammation, you will have hypercoagulability and sticky platelets.
  • Zeolite and high dose vitamin C takes care of heavy metals.
  • Magnesium is the calcium tamer…he’s got new magnesium coming…
  • EDTA is great, but high dose vitamin C is also great and he’s now focusing on other things such as lowering the level of inflammation.
  • Check out restore4life.com/, which has been having great results with people.

Do you take calcium supplements?

  • You have no choice because we have too much phosphorous in our diet, so he takes 500mg calcium a day.
  • I tell him about my own approach, which he favors.
  • ME: EDTA combats lectin sensitivity, is an antioxidant, increases blood flow and most importantly a calcium channel blocker….
  • Him: He makes fun of cardiologists because magnesium and EDTA are calcium channel blockers.
  • When you stop leaky gut, brain fog goes away and gluten sensitivity goes away.
  • Restore4life is perhaps the biggest breakthrough, as it combats food sensitivities and cured his own issues with gluten.

What do you think of using PEMF on your gut?

  • He likes the idea.
  • He’s a big fan of the ICES device.
  • There’s always hope….no matter how many health issues you have.

What do you think of modified citrus pectin?

  • He likes it, but he’s busy with getting good zeolite on the market.
  • Zeolite attracts arsenic and other heavy metals, so you need the right kind.

Did you ever try kombucha?

  • He thinks it’s good, but doesn’t seem to like the taste so much.
  • Kombucha is great because it has probiotics….
  • Me: it also has gluconic acid, which chelates all the heavy metals.

What is the main mechanism of Ozone?

  • It causes the microbe and viral load to die because we can’t handle the challenge without the right gut flora.
  • People have really nasty infections.
  • Ozone can be used in your ear, your rectum (via an enema), in an infrared sauna with your head sticking out.
  • Ozone is used well with silver, UV blood irradiation, vitamin C, redox signaling molecules…
  • He met with the head of the BYU university in Provo, with the head of the toxicology lab. Ozone is at the top of the list of things that kill infections…

How do you take your ozone?

  • He drinks his ozone water in intervals, rather than throughout the day.

What do you think of the fact that silver builds up in the body?

  • He doesn’t think it’s a problem that silver aggregates in the body.
  • When they drank from silver cups, they had the best music ever made.
  • Silver is the best sterilizer. You want good quality silver.

What do you think of the fact the people with health issues already have high SOD (internal anti-oxidant) levels, which means that oxidative therapies might not work because their antioxidant defenses are very high?

  • Those tests are probably not checking intracellular SOD levels because they would be too expensive. What he does know is that when he gives people oxidants, they do better.
  • Products like Restore4life and ASEA have stabilized redox signaling molecules.

How do you combine oxidative and antioxidative therapies?

  • “The science of healing revisited,” says you need both concurrently in order for it to work…author has a degree in nuclear medical physics.

I ask him about frequencies of the lasers and whether cheap ones will suffice….

  • He says he thinks they are good.

I ask him if he uses PEMF/ICES on his eye…

  • He says he thinks that’s a good idea.
  • It can treat glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc…
  • He puts it on his thymus and everywhere….our bodies operated on a different field than we have now…

What do you think of LLLT on the testes to increase testosterone?

  • He thinks it’s a good idea.
  • He goes on to explain the power of frequencies.

What does he think of the fact that people have low CRP and still have a lot of issues?

  • The inflammation is localized.

He puts restore4life in his nose…

Phosphohexose isomerase is the test to detect cancer 4-5 years before you get diagnosed.  Caprofile.net…

Products Discussed

  • ICES® DigiCeutical® A9a Model System (discount code is “SHCOIL”).
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Infrared sauna – to fill with ozone
  • LLLT – 660nm….Has different effects than the other one that I recommend. Get both.
  • LLLT – 850nm (CCTV camera). This one only has infrared, as opposed to the light relief. I like both of them. Take off glasses.
  • LLLT to put up the nose
  • Infrared Light at night and in the day. It will also warm you up.
  • Ozone Generator
  • EDTA
  • ASEA
  • Renu
  • ACS Silver
  • ACZ nano zeolite
  • Vitamin C- Buffered
  • Kombucha
  • Oxygen Concentrator – as an oxidative therapy
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • K2


About the Author

Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen, BS

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Joe is a thriving entrepreneur, with a mission of empowering people to take advantage of the precision health revolution and uncover insights from their DNA and biomarkers so that we can all feel great all of the time.


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