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Interview With Dr. Gerald Pollack: Water for Optimal Health

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Dr. Gerald Pollack is a top researcher & developer of EZ water. Watch Joe’s interview on the surprising molecular science of water here.

If you’re more advanced in this area, I recommend listening to the video on 1.5-2X speed (click on the link to youtube and press the settings button on the bottom right).

Thoughts on the interview

If you look at the interview, I cut him short sometimes and this is because I had a lot of questions and I wanted to cover them. Some of it was just me being overexcited about his ideas and being more impulsive.  I didn’t want to just rehash the other stuff that he spoke about in his other talks.  Some of it was a rehash, but I’m excited that I got to extract some new information from him.  He was really courteous and I’m a bit embarrassed, but the interview went well overall.

He was really generous with his time as well, especially given how busy he is.

You must realize that Dr. Pollack is way more knowledgeable about physics, chemistry, and biology than the jokers on Quackwatch or “Science-Based Medicine”, who I can tell you don’t know what they’re talking about at all (purely from a knowledge standpoint). Dr. Pollack is a top researcher in this field — not some rank-and-file scientist.

Intro to Video

  • This is a must hear episode.  If it’s too complex for you, in the beginning, fast forward because it gets more practical.
  • Dr. Pollack is a really sweet guy as you’ll see in the interview and he’s also an authentic and genuine guy.  I feel like I’ve got a lot of room to grow when I watch him.  I always say that if you want to grow as a person, surround yourself with good people.

Something I respect about him is that he’s willing to take risks for his reputation.  I believe that’s part of the reason he’s been making discoveries.  As a scientist, it’s very frowned upon to make suggestions that something may benefit your health when it’s not proven through clinical trials.  But the problem is there’s no money to create these trials and not telling people about these ideas can also be harmful.  So I applaud him on that…  I think we can learn from his personality just as much as we can from his science.

  • His book is called “The Fourth Phase of Water“, it’s got 4.9 stars on Amazon.
  • He grew up in a neighborhood near mine in Brooklyn.
  • I want to give you a heads up that this interview is a little advanced, but I hope it’s comprehensible.
  • I recommend watching his other lectures (scroll to the bottom) and reading his book to get a better background if you’re lost.
  • Now, just to give you the basic idea of EZ water. EZ water is simply water that is more polar, which means that the negative and positive charges are better separated than ordinary water.  This results in a lot of interesting properties of the water…
  • I’ve been appreciating the fact that many people with chronic health issues have low oxygen and this could be from bad blood flow, and we discuss how that may come from a lack of EZ water.

Some Key Topics We Discuss:

-The role of EZ water in the body…It plays a HUGE role.

-EZ water fills our cells because the surface of our proteins creates the EZ water.

-99% of our body molecules are water.

-The water inside our cells is more structured or ordered – it has a negative charge and functions like a battery.  When you drink vegetable juice, you are drinking cell water or EZ water – because plants have cells and the liquid inside of them is EZ….

-The negative charge in our cell is from EZ, not from the ions/minerals that conventional science believes in.

-EZ is negativly and positively charged.  If the cell is mostly negative, then what happens to the positive charge? It comes out as carbon dioxide in our breath, feces, urine, and sweat.  These all have lower pH, which in essence is H+ or protons and this is what makes these mediums acidic.

-Some people don’t eat, they get their energy from light…maybe…

-Light builds EZ water, especially infrared light.  This is why infrared has such healing properties for almost any condition.

-The negative charge inside the cell is used for everything.

-EZ water or the negative charge is the most basic antioxidant in the body.  It gives over electrons to combat free radicals.

-EZ water is fundamental for blood circulation.  That means if you’ve got cold hands and feet, listen up.  You need more EZ in your system.

-An Israeli study showed that EZ is a driver of blood flow.  Blood was flowing even though the heart stopped in an animal study.

-Maybe lymph is also powered by EZ, as no one knows how it flows.

-The EZ water INSIDE your cells in your blood vessels powers your blood flow.

-Nobody knows exactly how proteins interact with other proteins.  EZ water probably plays a critical role in the interactions, which is central to life.

-The discovery of EZ water casts a large shadow over biochemistry.

-What we know about ATP is wrong.  Dr. Pollack believes that ATP donates negative charge rather than it being a high energy bond.

-When you lower the temperature of water or make it colder, it becomes more EZ.  Think glacial water and how it’s the best and most beneficial for your health.  Also think cold exposure therapy, which is very beneficial for a host of ailments.

-Water can reverse disease.

-The water we drink can ‘donate’ EZ water or negative charge to our body when we consume it.

-Dr. Pollack provides an anecdote of someone who cured kidney disease (an incurable condition) by drinking EZ water and says he’s heard many such anecdotes.

-Heating water is not necessarily worse, as it can get quite complex with its bubbles, etc…

-Infrared is best to create EZ….UV also separates charge…The sun has both, so get some sun! Studies show that the more sun people get, the lower their death rate…Take Astaxanthin to minimize damage from the sun.

Saunas have infrared and can create EZ in our body, while at the same time we sweat out positive water.  Two birds with one stone.

-Reverse osmosis and distilled water generally have less EZ.

-Minerals help create EZ – spring water is great.

-Vortex devices (especially copper ones) can help create EZ.  Dr. Pollack uses one for himself.

-Pressure and oxygen create more EZ.  Think hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which has both pressure and oxygen.  This therapy is useful for a very broad range of conditions.

-I discuss how I use an oxygen concentrator to promote health.  He suspects that this increases EZ.  (Maybe this is why proper breathing is so beneficial for all ailments.)

-Magnetism affects water, but it’s complex and nobody’s sure how exactly.

–Aspirin creates EZ by up to 3X.

-Anesthetics and glyphosate (roundup) decrease EZ and there is a good chance that toxins do the same….(Toxins are positively charged and steal negative charge from EZ).

-Once you create EZ, it’s relatively stable…he tested the water on his shelf after 3 months and it still had EZ.

-His opinion of cold exposure therapy – it makes sense that it’s good.

-Getting gray hair is a sign you’re not getting enough water.

-Anecdotes of people who got cured – from Iranian known as BATMAN. Iranian scientist used water to cure all of his patients for all their diseases.  He claims you’re not sick, you’re dehydrated.

-EZ affects everything in the cells…some treatments are known to positively affect the whole body, and creating EZ might be the mechanism.

EMFs are something to be concerned about.   Very serious scientists are concerned.  Background EMF noise increased by 10X in the past decade…A top researcher in the field says that in 10 years cell phones will be in the same category as cigarettes.

–EMFs ruined one of the experiments by having the microspheres move towards the computer…

-Homeopathy is widely misunderstood. It wrongly got discredited.  Molecules cluster and you don’t get rid of molecules when you dilute it.  Shaking also has an effect on water information/EZ. Clear evidence that water has information content.  But no one really understands this area.

-Colloidal silver creates EZ.

-Sugar builds EZ, but this is problematic when the sugar in your blood is high because it creates viscous texture.

-Glass will block a lot of infrared and UV.  Glass blocks information transfer between separated water.  Plants synchronize, but not when a glass is between the plants.  This is because it blocks UV.

-He did not test the effect of microwaves on EZ, but he suspects it will destroy EZ/water structure.

-The acidity of water – Ph of 3-4 or lower inhibits the growth of EZ.

-Minerals such as Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium build EZ.  I use some copper utensils.

-Chia seeds create a tremendous amount of EZ next to each seed.

Probiotics make EZ, so use probiotics.

-Most of the water inside the cells is EZ, but when water flows there isn’t EZ.

–Cancer cells have a less negative charge and probably less EZ.

-His colleagues believe fluoride is a toxin.

-Salts such as sodium and potassium chloride destroys EZ.

-Start cuddling if you want more infrared and EZ water because we radiate infrared.  I didn’t want to ask about sex, lol.

-Why people get shocked (static)…wind and dry cause this…The Wind gives us a negative charge.

-Birds fly around and maybe to collect the negative charge.  He suspects that this makes them feel better.

-How hair on your body may affect EZ…It helps us collect the negative charge.

-Why do people get shocked and does it interact with EZ?  He says this isn’t connected, but we get shocked because we’re discharging.

-What he thinks of Rupert Sheldrake – someone who believes in strange phenomena such as if you can know if someone is staring at you.  He thinks that there is strange stuff going on but he doesn’t have a hypothesis on the mechanism.

-Big unanswered questions…Why is there gravitation?  Why is there inertia?  Why does the earth spin- where does the energy come from? How come clouds hold water?

-Charge plays a role in weather, and not just temperature and pressure…

-What did he leave out of the book?  He didn’t really discuss much that water has information.  How does water information relate to EZ?  EZ is the general structure and the water information can contain details.  Water can store information from DNA.

-We discuss his Institute of Venture Science.  Why you should donate….because science has gone astray and there needs to be funding for ideas that seem unconventional at first sight i.e. research that isn’t blessed by the high priesthood of science…

Just to recap and expand on some interesting ideas in this podcast:

-If you have enough EZ water, it should theoretically help combat chronic infections and it seems like there are a few mechanisms for that.  Firstly, it may increase blood flow which helps transport products that help combat infections including oxygen. Secondly, it may increase lymphatic flow, which is the highway for your immune system. Thirdly, the negative charge in your body is directly antimicrobial…

-The level of negative charge or Oxidation reduction potential abbreviated as ORP can be used for water system monitoring to measure the disinfection potential. For example, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and other pathogens have survival times of under 30 s when the ORP is above 665 mV, compared to >300 s when it is below 485 mV. [1]

-Based on my understanding, ORP is determined by how much oxygen is in the water and oxygen is negatively charged.  EZ water has more oxygens per hydrogen so it has more of a density of oxygen.  What that means is the higher the EZ, the higher the ORP.  If you add ozone to your water, which I am experimenting with, you are making the water more oxygen rich and giving it a negative charge.  That’s why it’s Ozone is a powerful disinfectant.  I actually bought an ORP meter to test my water to measure this.

Some clarifications in the video:

-I mentioned that calories get excreted as CO2…The study that I mentioned was referring to what happens to the fat we burn off when we lose weight.  See article.

-He mentions that Sodium chloride decreases EZ, so I just want people to be clear that this means that table salt decreases EZ.

How To Use This Information to Improve Your Health

If you don’t grasp what we’re talking about in the interview, don’t worry.  Here’s the bottom line of how to take advantage of the knowledge regarding EZ water and what you need to do to improve your health.

I personally use all of the products listed here and more – and I’m glad I purchased them.  I’m not just giving a laundry list of stuff.

“The Fourth Phase of Water” – buy and read this book.  That’s step 1 to improving your health.  Also, give it 5 stars.


Ice Cube Tray – I put this in a blender and drink this water with a shake.  Or you can put this in your water directly or in your beverages.  The cold makes more EZ possible.

Clay – creates EZ, negatively charged.  Start supplementing with this.  This will draw a positive charge out of you.  I take 5g on most days.

Ionic Minerals: Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Selenium.   I’m transitioning to using minerals in my water instead of supplementing.  You want to put these minerals in your water. 15mg Zinc, 100mcg Chromium, .5 mg Copper and 100mcg selenium per 1 gallon of water.

Magnesium/Concentrace for minerals to be added to water.  This is mainly magnesium.  You want to put this in your water.  2 droppers full per a gallon.

Coral Calcium.  Another good mineral to put in your water. I put 1g (333mg calcium) per gallon.

Probiotics create EZ. This Probiotic (prescript assist) is different and also good.  These are the two I primarily use. They will inhabit your large intestine if you ingest them, so no need to put them in your water.  I take 4 capsules of each daily but cycle them.

Colloidal Silver – I would only put a few drops.  Silver can potentially accumulate in the body and be toxic.

Ice Helmet/Cryohelmet – (I use the adult regular size).   I actually bought two of these.  I put it on my head and keep it there until it stops being cold.  This is to perhaps create more EZ in my head.

Cold Hat – I also have this.  It’s also good and cheaper, but I’d recommend the cryo helmet if you’re only buying one.

LLLT (light relief)…use  LLLT for about 3 minutes all over your head.  I find it synergistic with cold.  Put on any spot that needs healing.

LLLT – 850nm (CCTV camera).  This one only has infrared, as opposed to the light relief.  I like both of them.

LLLT – 660nm….Has different effects than the light relief one that I recommend.  Get both.

Infrared Sauna.  Buy if you could afford this.

Infrared Light – this will give you infrared in the 850nm range, which is different than the 660nm range.

Infrared mat.  This does give off EMF’s (I tested it), but it’s worth it in my opinion.   I use this when it’s cold outside or inside and I want to be warmed up.

Grounding mat – gives over electrons or negative charge.  I sit on this on my chair.

Infrared Shirt to absorb infrared and keep it in you.  I use this as my regular clothes but I also wear them while wearing my cold helmet.  See review study.

Oxygen concentrator – oxygenates the blood, calming, cognitive enhancing.  Potentiates LLLT.  The concentrator also has an ionizer which releases negative charge in the air.

Copper Water Bottle, Copper Pitcher, and Cups.  I put water in here for storage.

Molecular hydrogen machine….not only does it hydrogenate your water, but it also creates microbubbles, and I bet it’ll create EZ…. I actually have 2 of these machines because I’m drinking more water.  I notice a small effect, but given that water is so central to us, I want to make sure I’m getting it right.

Vibrational plate -I will experiment putting my water to shake it up.  I haven’t tried it yet.

Blender -shakes up water.  I wonder what Dr. Pollack would say about this.

Chia seeds create EZ. I’m going to experiment putting chia in water and drinking the liquid portion.  Or you can consume the seed as well.

Aspirin.  You can either take it or put it in your water.  Haven’t tried this yet.

EMF blocking clothes: Hoodie (AMZ), Hat (AMZ), silver laced Pants (eBay).  Silverell (Ebay) clothing, in general, is good.  The best cloth is Ksilver1#.   I also use Ksilver32#.  EMFs can affect the water in your body, but it’s not clear how.  I bought this stuff.

Some of Dr. Pollack’s Other Talks

You can see some of his other talks on youtube.  He’s got many more of them.


If you donate money, the Institute of Venture Science will give you the best bang for your buck.

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Joe Cohen, BS

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