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Everything You Need to Know About Injaculation

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What is injaculation? How does it improve inflammation, stress, and brain function? Learn the strange science and how to benefit here.

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Very little information exists on the web about injaculation and I feel like it’s something that can have a big impact on men in the long term.

See the first article that describes the benefits of semen, which you will be getting by injaculating.

I plan for these two posts to contain all the orgasm, sex and ‘gross’ information, lest this blog devolves into radioactive poison (may be too late for that).

Before We Start, Let’s Review Some Physiology


Semen is the liquid stuff that nourishes the sperm. So semen is like the pool and sperm is the swimmer.

Semen is produced in the seminal vesicle and prostate (see the picture above). The prostate produces the milky white stuff, which is 30% of the overall semen.

Sperm is produced in the testes or balls.

Sperm moves to the epididymis (see picture) to mature and then to the vas deferens (see the picture), when it’s ready for ejaculation (or injaculation).

The sperm travels via the vas deferens to the seminal vesicle to combine with semen and it goes out through the urethra (see picture). The semen nourishes the sperm so that it can do its fertilization biznass.

This coming together of the semen and sperm to create a fluid mixture happens at orgasm (blowing your load).

The testes produce sperm that travels to the seminal vesicle and mixes with semen, creating a fluid men ejaculate (or injaculate) during orgasm.

What is Injaculation?

There are masterbators, decentbators, and injaculators, the latter being the most prestigious.

Someone who is skilled in the art of injaculation is called an injaculator. My name is Joe and I am an injaculator. Hence, I’ve built a proud and successful reputation as “The Injaculator”.

Injaculation is a term used to refer to releasing semen inside your body through your bladder instead of outside your penis (ejaculation).

The scientific term is “retrograde ejaculation”. Retrograde ejaculation is most often associated with a health condition, whereby the muscle at the opening of the bladder (bladder neck) is not able to close upon orgasm, which it’s supposed to. In this case, some semen goes into the bladder.

Injaculation is when you retain semen inside your body upon orgasm. You can learn to do it after some practice.

My Experience With Injaculating

I notice a nice buzz when I injaculate, which is different from an ejaculation. When I ejaculate, I’m tired for much of the day and feel weaker.

With injaculation, I do get tired a bit – and that’s from the act of orgasming, but it’s much less than if I’d ejaculate. I feel a very nice buzz that I wouldn’t have if I ejaculate. I notice a pretty strong anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effect, that I wouldn’t get with ejaculating.

8 Reasons You Should Become an Injaculator

1) To Cure Ejaculation Hangover

Doing this method will help cure the ejaculation hangover that you experience after orgasm.

The Taoists believed your jazz was a life essence, which they appropriately named Jing (could’ve been a stellar nickname for cum).

In my experience, when I ejaculate often I feel tired, weaker, less driven, lazier and have less energy. It’s kind of draining on me.

I believe this is the case because semen contains quite a few ingredients that help cognitive function and give vitality. See the benefits of semen here.

In my personal experience, ejaculation drains energy and leaves you tired, weaker, and lazier. This might be due to losing nutrients and other semen ingredients.

2) To Combat Loneliness

During the periods in which you aren’t dating, life can get lonely without a companion.

Without injaculation, I’d lose my mind. Injaculation gives me more peace of mind and allows me to pursue my passion by significantly lessening my desire/need for a companion (maybe by 50%).

And I can do it with the peace of mind that I’m not losing nourishing fluids or some essence/vigor from myself.

3) To Control Libido

My libido is generally out of control if I don’t injaculate often, at least every other day.

4) As an Anti-Depressant

The semen itself puts me in a better mood and, over the long term, it seems to be healthy for me.

5) To Prolong the Time It Takes You to Orgasm

If done in a meditative way, it can be a useful tool to cure premature ejaculation and can help you increase the time until orgasm.

6) As a Form of Birth Control

If you’re having sex then it can be used as a form of birth control – one that I wouldn’t solely rely on. But if the girl was taking birth control and I worked my magic then that’s something I would do. I have done this during sexy time. The girl thought I was nuts.

7) So There’s Less of a Mess

Your gunk from your junk doesn’t fly all over the place during injaculation.

8) To Help Monogamy

I find that when I injaculate with a girl in mind, I become more attached to her. It could be from the oxytocin causing this attachment behavior. If you’re married and coveting other women, then you should injaculate with your significant other in mind, and this may help.

How To Injaculate

The Lazy Method: Where to Press

This method of injaculation is the manual way, which is what I do. This is also the lazy way. This approach doesn’t build sexual stamina.

With the method I use, I cum just as much as I would if I were to completely ejaculate, but I hold a certain spot that doesn’t let it escape. On average, about 15% of it escapes anyway, in my estimation. Sometimes nothing escapes, while other times I botch it up and about 30% escapes.

It involves pressing on an area or “button” called the “perineum”, which blocks the semen from escaping through the penis and is instead redirected into the bladder, which then enters the bloodstream.

As to the location of the spot, it’s midway between the anus (ass crack) and testicles (balls). Look for the small “hump”, which can be pressed.

This no man’s land is known as the perineum and it bulges when you orgasm. I press firmly on this spot with two fingers side by side- the index and middle.

Even if you know the general neighborhood of the spot, there’s a good zip code there that’s ideal. It’s slightly to your (the viewer) left.

Practice makes perfect. It took me about 6 months to perfect the exact spot that needed to be held and the logistics involved, but now I don’t even think about it. It’s like riding a bicycle. A bit annoying to learn, but once you do, it’s easy as pie.

If it hurts, then you know you’re not doing it right. If you can’t get it eventually, then I suggest you quit.

If you’re right-handed, you will likely be jerking with your right hand and applying pressure under your balls with your left hand.

The Stamina Method

This method involves using thought and awareness and can be a kind of meditative exercise. This is more of the Taoist technique.

This was the first method I’d tried and I’ve experimented with it for a bit. The problem is I am too horny on it. I may give it another go.

This method can be a boon for the girl because it allows you to go for longer periods/prolong your orgasm time. If you have a girlfriend, I’d use this method.

If you have premature ejaculation, using this practice is an absolute must for you. Your significant other, if you have one, will appreciate this.

This method can easily triple the amount of time you can last in the sack. So whereas if you lasted 20 minutes during sex before, using this method will easily allow you to go for triple that or much longer, assuming your physical stamina is up to par. There’s no limit to how long you can go if you practice this method enough.

The way to do this is to be aware when you’re getting too caught up in the sexual act and right before you’re about to explode… stop and focus on your breath. Keep focusing on your breath until your erection… becomes less erect…

You may also need to flex your penis muscles – the same ones you use to withhold pee – to keep the semen from coming out. If you aren’t naturally the Schwarzenegger of penis muscle flexing, don’t worry, you’ll get there.

So you’ll be focusing on your breath while simultaneously trying to make sure nothing comes out. The result, if you’re doing it right, is miniature injaculations.

Your sex drive after these miniature ejaculations should still be intact; You can do many of these without losing sexual steam.

It’s also a good practice to visualize a wave of energy traveling up your body to the top of your head as you cum.

In the beginning, you’ll surely mess up, which is why you should have a condom or tissue prepared. As time goes on you’ll get better at understanding your body and becoming more aware of the point right before that moment when you got too caught up in the act. Your penis flexing muscles should also improve.

How to Test If You’re Doing It Right

To test if you’re doing it right, after injaculating, pee in a transparent container. If it appears cloudy, you’ve messed up; if it looks like any ordinary piss then you’ve done it correctly.

Also, if you have pain, you’re not doing it right.

When To Do It

I do it before bed most of the time because I’ll be more tired in the day if I do it in the morning. I still do some morning injaculations if my libido is out of control or am pining companionship.

I find injaculation is a good method to fall asleep and it improves my sleep quality.

Injaculation Absorption

Where Does The Semen Go?!?!?!

It goes in your bladder and it reabsorbs into your bloodstream.

When you press the “button” and block the urethra, the semen has nowhere to go but back to your bladder. Theoretically, some could also go back into the seminal vesicle, but I think almost all of it goes in your bladder.

Can You Absorb Stuff From Your Bladder?

You are capable of absorbing various substances through the mucous lining of your bladder, including many drugs such as salicylates [1, 2].

Normally occurring urinary substances are also absorbed by the bladder, including amino acids and glucose [3].

If you hold your urine in, you’ll absorb more urea, salt, water, phosphates, and sulfates, among other stuff [4].

Some factors that affect absorption are the state of the bladder mucus, the extent of bladder distention, and the concentration of the solution [5].

Whatever the science, I notice a strong effect, which tells me at least some of the good stuff is being reabsorbed.

Your body can absorb amino acids, glucose, and minerals from the gallbladder. Thus, it should be able to absorb the nutrients from semen, too.


As far as safety, I’ve been injaculating almost daily for the past 2-3 years now. I haven’t noticed any negative effects.

This doesn’t mean it’s safe, but I do it because there is no sufficient evidence of it being dangerous and there are certainly health benefits for me.

Anyway, I decided to bring down some theoretical concerns:

1) Injaculation may increase anti-sperm anti-bodies: I don’t know if this is harmful in any way, but it could activate the immune system in some ways [6].

After reading that study, I started to injaculate every other day.

As far as infertility, I’m not so worried because the testicles normally keep the sperm away from the rest of the body and the immune system.

So if there are antibodies to sperm in your bloodstream, they shouldn’t attack the sperm stored in your testicles.

The cited study speaks of a condition where there’s a blockage of the vas deferens (where sperm exit), in which case fluid overloads the testes and breaches the barrier to the immune system, causing sperm antibodies to form and attack it. Now the study does show that when sperm comes in contact with the immune system, it produces antibodies to it.

Antibodies aren’t harmful if they don’t have the stimulus (semen/sperm in this case). So when you do injaculate, there could be an immune response, but I haven’t noticed negative effects from it if it occurred.

2) Some say the technique may cause long term damage due to the pressure put on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum. Never had an issue with this. If it hurts, don’t do it.

3) It may cause some inflammation of the urethra leading to increased risk of urinary tract/bladder infection. Never had an issue with this. If it hurts, don’t do it.

4) It may change the pH of the urine in the bladder (it’s usually mildly acidic, but prostatic fluid and semen are basic) which might affect things. I do feel slight sensations in my bladder sometimes, but no noticeable negative effects.

If you’re aware of any other potential side-effects/risks, leave a comment. I’m not omniscient, so I could’ve definitely missed stuff.

What makes me more comfortable about this is that it’s been traditionally used by the Taoists, which is one indicator of safety. But obviously, this doesn’t prove its safety.

No studies have investigated the safety of injaculation. In theory, it may increase anti-sperm antibodies, change the pH of the bladder, and cause perineum damage due to pressure. I haven’t experienced any of these yet.

Do Orgasms Decrease Lifespan?

For twenty years, scientists followed 914 Welsh men aged 45-59.

In the group with the highest orgasmic frequency (2X a week), the chance of dying from all causes was 50% lower compared to the group with the lowest frequency of orgasms.

The more orgasms, the lower the chance of dying; the fewer orgasms, the higher the chance of dying. This association was most pronounced in those with heart disease.

The study adjusted for age, social class, blood pressure, smoking and heart disease at baseline [1].

I’m assuming a large part of this has to do with people who are less healthy orgasm less frequently. People with heart problems notoriously have a low libido, but they did adjust for heart disease at baseline.

But given the magnitude of the correlation and the fact that they accounted for significant confounding variables, I tend to believe that orgasms increase lifespan or at least don’t decrease it. Also, they’re clear mechanisms by which it decreases heart disease risk such as decreasing blood pressure, relieving stress. I think of worst, you will break even with lifespan if you ejaculate 3X a week.

Now, the people they followed were all ejaculating. With injaculating, I believe this will provide a much greater effect on longevity.


Injaculation is when you retain semen in your body upon orgasm instead of releasing it. The practice is millennia old, probably dating back to Chinese Taoists who believed that semen holds your life energy. There’s not a lot of research on this topic, though. I personally find that ejaculation leaves me tired and energy-drained. Injaculation improves my energy levels, mood, and it controls my libido. When you injaculate, semen goes to your bladder, from where you might re-absorb its nutrients. There are two ways to achieve injaculation: manually and meditatively. Doing it manually is easier — you just need to press on a specific spot. The meditative way is harder, closer to the Taoist technique, and it may also be a better option if you want to prolong your orgasm time (or avoid premature ejaculation).

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Joe Cohen, BS

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