NASA & DARPA Scientist: The Best PEMF Device to Get

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Dr. Dennis, a consultant for NASA & DARPA, believes ICES one the best device to treat inflammation. Watch Joe’s interview with him here.


Dr. Dennis is a professor at the University of Michigan and UNC-Chapel Hill and worked as a consultant for NASA and DARPA. He’s the foremost expert on PEMF and electromagnetic therapy. He discusses the technology, why the PEMF device you have is inferior and the best device to get.

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Current and Previous Positions of Dr. Dennis:

-Associate Professor, School of Medicine and College of Arts & Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill (Current)
-Founding Chair: Curriculum in Applied Sciences and Engineering (CASE) at UNC-Chapel Hill
-Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at U-Michigan, Ann Arbor
-Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

My Take Away

Dr. Dennis is a really sweet guy and is a better person than me.

I got the sense that Dr. Dennis is doing this to create the best invention possible to benefit the maximum number of people, and as long as he’s got what he needs to live, he doesn’t care about more.

I’m not easily fooled, as I think that 99% of the world is full of nonsense – but Dr. Dennis seems sincere.

What We Discuss Part 1

-The problem with clinical science and the benefit of self-experimentation.

-Dr. Dennis describes his run-ins with greedy investors and marketers, the inefficiencies of academia and the stifling climate of innovation as a result of regulatory bodies.

-Why ICES is the best PEMF device to get. Dr. Dennis says that much of the NASA research that most people base their device off of is outdated and much of the knowledge is in his head.

-How Dr. Dennis is not in this for the money, but rather uses the proceeds from sales to fund further research.

-The makers of expensive PEMF devices actually use this device.

-Are EMFs harmful and how Dr. Dennis optimized ICES to emit the least amounts of it. Also, some EMF mitigation techniques that Dr. Dennis uses for himself.

What We Discuss Part 2

Some of the things discussed in part 2 of the video:

-What he thinks of DIY PEMF devices

-What are the specs of the low, medium, high and X setting?

-Why most PEMF devices don’t have the right configuration

-Why more power is probably worse

-What he thinks of static magnets

-How much of the information about the development of ICES has not been published

Discussion of studies done on ICES:

  • Rabbit study… bone healed that should’ve never healed
  • Pain in animals was lower
  • Alexandria clinical study on facial reconstruction
  • Healing in half the time, sweeping wasn’t there
  • Much of the inflammation is pathologic and doesn’t need to be there
  • Pain pill addict didn’t need pain meds after ICES
  • Quality of healing was better

-It works by suppressing unnecessary inflammation.

-Why he thinks we have unnecessary inflammation

-How ICES is working… Which genes are upregulated and which are downregulated.

-Why is ICES not insanely popular?

-Why ICES isn’t trying to get FDA approval and the cost involved

-ICES actually doesn’t suppress cytokines

-Dr. Pawluk uses it every morning when he goes running because it clears his head

-How ICES interacts with cancer treatment

-How to know which settings to use

-Which rechargeable batteries to get

-What to do if it’s not working for you

-Why you need to replace the coils frequently


https://www.corticalmetrics.com/head-health https://www.corticalmetrics.com http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140123005297/en/GE-NFL-Announce-Sixteen-Winners-20M-Head#.VTAZtZO_bSs


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Joe Cohen, BS

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