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We’ve had a lot of great questions coming in during our live VIP webinars lately, so I figured I’d share some of the questions and answers with you all. 

Question: When I have stress or anxiety, I get a headache within minutes. Are there specific genes I should be looking at for this issue?

YES! We actually have an entire DNA report dedicated to looking at all the genes related to headaches and migraines, but there are some specific genes that relate to both stress and headaches. 

One gene you’ll definitely want to look at is the MEF2D gene. The MEF2D is one of the genes that are activated when you get stressed, particularly if you have specific genetic variants. However, it’s also been linked to migraines. 

That’s because it can make the neurons in your brain fire faster and studies are showing that highly active neurons could be to blame for painful migraines. 

Basically, stress = increased MEF2D gene activity = excited neurons in the brain = headaches. 

So, if you’ve got the MEF2D genetic variants that are more prone to increased activity when you get stressed, it can definitely explain why stress leads to instant headaches. 

You can actually see your results for your MEF2D gene in this blog post and find a couple specific techniques on how to decrease MEF2D activity if it turns out that you do have the negative genotype.

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Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen, BS

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