A Healthy Heart, the NOS3 Gene and Omega-3

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Did you know that one person dies every 36 seconds in the US from heart health issues?

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh great, another potentially deadly thing to worry about.”

There’s already been so much to worry about over the last year, no one needs one more thing to add to their list.

So, here are two easy steps that you can take right now.

First up, learn about your heart health genes.

The biggest contributor to heart problems is high blood pressure.

With the help of SelfDecode’s advanced Blood Pressure DNA Report, you’ll understand whether your genes are increasing your risk of suffering from high blood pressure in a matter of minutes.

Plus, we’re looking at over 1.2 million genetic variants. We looked at some other blood pressure reports on the market and they were only looking at a dozen variants or so. We knew there was more to discover and now we’ve developed the MOST accurate Blood Pressure DNA Report on the market.

Secondly, pick up our heart health lab panel.

This will allow you to see exactly how your heart’s health is doing using a range of markers.

Our team of scientists spent countless hours researching different markers to figure out exactly which markers are most important to heart health and packaged them together in one comprehensive panel that you can order online today. No doctors’ visit required!

After you order our heart health panel and take the tests, you can upload your results, find out which markers you need to focus on and receive personalized recommendations to help get them to optimal levels.

But the ultimate way to ensure optimal heart health is to combine both our gene report and heart health panel.

Your genes tell you what you are predisposed to, while your labs tell you what is currently going on in your body.

Let me explain why using an example…

After getting your heart health panel results back, let’s say your omega-3 levels are at the lower end of ‘healthy’. For your average joe, this wouldn’t be of major concern.

But, your Blood Pressure DNA Report has also identified that you have a poorly functioning variant of the NOS3 gene.

When functioning optimally, the NOS3 gene helps prevent your arteries from clogging, which allows your body to maintain a healthy controlled blood pressure.

So, if it’s not working well, you’re more prone to clogged arteries, which can lead to lots of problems.

So where does omega-3 come in?

Well one type of omega-3 (DHA), helps the NOS3 gene work.

So, low omega-3 levels in your body + poor NOS3 gene functioning = higher risk of blood pressure problems.

When you realize that you’ve got not just one, but TWO major factors contributing to your blood pressure risks, you can take exactly the right actions to optimize your heart health.

Like supplementing with the right kind of omega-3s.

Let us help you optimize your heart health today!

1. Get your Blood Pressure DNA Report when it’s released later this week on our brand new SelfDecode 2.0 interface. (we’re releasing it to members-only first, so sign up today!)

2. Order the heart health panel. You can even schedule your appointment within 24-48 hours and get your results very soon. As a SelfDecode member, you’ll also receive 50% OFF your heart health panel!

About the Author

Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen flipped the script on conventional and alternative medicine…and it worked. Growing up, he suffered from inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and other issues that were poorly understood in traditional healthcare. Frustrated by the lack of good information and tools, Joe decided to embark on a learning journey to decode his DNA and track his biomarkers in search of better health. Through this personalized approach, he discovered his genetic weaknesses and was able to optimize his health 10X better than he ever thought was possible. Based on his own health success, he went on to found SelfDecode, the world’s first direct-to-consumer DNA analyzer & precision health tool that utilizes AI-driven polygenic risk scoring to produce accurate insights and health recommendations. Today, SelfDecode has helped over 100,000 people understand how to get healthier using their DNA and labs.
Joe is a thriving entrepreneur, with a mission of empowering people to take advantage of the precision health revolution and uncover insights from their DNA and biomarkers so that we can all feel great all of the time.


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