Weight Problems? Blood, Urine & Genetic Tests For Weight

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This post lists biological factors that can be tested in some form or another. Testing accuracy will vary based on the type of test being done. In general, direct blood results are the most accurate, then metabolites (in urine) and then genes. If you’re struggling with weight issues, you want to check out which factors might be your weak links.

133 Different Mechanisms for Weight Modulation

See the following posts, which have 133 different mechanisms:

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Pro Weight Gain

Blood Tests

You can take blood tests for these, which is better than looking at your genes for these.

Genetics Tests/SelfDecode

There are genes related to these. You can take a genetics test and plug the results into SelfDecode. I’m adding SNPs frequently, so keep checking back if you already purchased a subscription.

Pro Weight Loss

Blood Tests

You can take blood tests for these, which is better than looking at your genes for these.

Genetics Tests/SelfDecode

Mixed Effects

Blood/Urine Tests

  • DHEA might have gender-specific effects – men lose and women gain weight [1].
  • Serotonin has tissue-specific effects – it causes weight gain in the body but weight loss in the hypothalamus [2].

Genetics Tests/SelfDecode

  • LXR has mixed effects on weight [3].

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Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen, BS

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