Brain Fog, Creativity, and the TMPRSS6 Gene

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I tried Andrew Huberman’s morning routine to get rid of my brain fog and… it failed me.

So, I decided to use Joe’s approach instead.

Here’s what happened….

Brain Fog, Attention And Iron

Brain fog has been something that I’ve struggled with for awhile, and I could never find myself truly diving into deep work, even after implementing all of Andrew Huberman’s morning routine, including drinking salt water right when I wake up.

At work lately, all Joe talks about are his blood tests, so I decided to take his approach to building my own health regimen (I know, I know, I should have started with this!)

First up, checking my blood tests.

When I did my blood tests a little over a year ago, my Iron levels were on the lower range of normal, so I thought nothing of it.

But, I also needed to look at my genetics.

When I started looking into my Brain Fog DNA Report, I found that I carried the negative variant of the TMPRSS6 gene.

The TMPRSS6 gene makes a protein which helps control the amount of iron in our bodies. This protein works by managing a hormone called hepcidin, which controls how much iron our bodies absorb from food and release from storage.

Problems with this gene can sometimes lead to difficulties in absorbing enough iron, which affects your mental clarity and the ability to focus.

I started implementing more iron-rich foods into my diet and within a week I felt like I had a mental clarity that I had never experienced, and my flow into deep work was so seamless.

It really allowed me to reach that next step, allowing me to focus on my goals and problem solve more efficiently when issues would come up.

Creativity and L-Tyrosine

With my role in SelfDecode, I’ve had to switch between being analytical and being creative.

But near the end of 2023 and moving into 2024, my main focus has switched to growing the podcast, and so I have to channel my creativity a little more.

And so my first creative thought for promoting The Joe Cohen Show is… begging.

Please follow The Joe Cohen Show on either Spotify or Apple and make me look good. (Totally joking but also not really. Follow the podcast, it has a ton of knowledge from Joe and his guests.)

On a serious note, I went to SelfDecode’s Creativity Report and based on my genes, it told me I had typical creativity.

I don’t want typical, I want to be the Picasso of the podcast health world.

So I looked at my recommendations to see how I can supercharge my creativity, and L-tyrosine was at the top of my list.

L-tyrosine is an amino acid used by the body to produce important neurotransmitters like dopamine, which help improve cognitive function, stress response, and overall mood regulation.

I’ve since come up with a huge document of ways to promote the podcast and I’m extremely excited to get started on the implementation process of some of these ideas!

Prepare Your Cognitive Function For A Successful 2024

In the journey of self-improvement, 2023 has been a pivotal year.

It’s taught me that adaptability is key when facing obstacles, and the power of personalized insights from tools like SelfDecode has been transformative.

Discovering the connections between my genetic predispositions and cognitive function has unlocked a new level of clarity, and it’s set me up for a successful 2024.

SelfDecode is a tool that was made for amateur biohackers like myself to get started and effectively solve my health issues, so I highly recommend it if you want to finally take back control of your health and set yourself up for success.


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