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ICES: Tool Combats Fatigue & Inflammation (Upgraded PEMF)

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ICES is the Somapulse – But Better

ICES is a new device that’s an upgraded version of the “Somapulse”.

The inventor of the Somapulse, Dr. Robert Dennis, has made significant improvements since then and has also decided to sell the product directly to consumers to lower the price. So now it goes for $429 instead of $1,400. And it’s better.

ICES takes most of the profit away from resellers, so the people at Somapulse probably aren’t happy. But I’m happy that the device is better and more affordable for people. I believe that remedies should be somewhat affordable and the direct selling approach makes this possible.

PEMF was discovered by NASA about 20-25 years ago and Dr. Robert Dennis was a senior scientist who invented the device.

Dr. Dennis has been doing research for the past 20 years and upgrading the device even more. This current device is his latest breakthrough.

ICES has 6 patents and has lab studies to back it up. This is a serious product, created by a serious scientist and it has real results.

Dr. Dennis has a personal stake in the game as he had serious back pain that the device has helped him with. (See this cop’s story on how he cured his back pain with PEMF on Dr. Oz. Remember, this device is more advanced than the one in the Dr. Oz show.)

In the video below, he talks about conducting laboratory research and how this device is much more powerful at inhibiting inflammation than the previous devices and how the labs that tested it were amazed at how potent it was.

Well, I was positively surprised by the benefits and more surprised that the negatives are barely noticeable.

ICES Mechanism of Action

Screenshot-2015-03-16-10.35.41 (1)

ICES gets rid of inflammation and oxidative stress locally where ever you put it, including in the hypothalamus/brain, which prevents fatigue.

The above picture was a lab study on inflammation. In that study, they used an older, less effective version of ICES and it was on the lowest setting.

Based on my experiments, I’ve found the highest setting to be more effective.

I’ve found benefits cognitively even when it’s used in other parts of the body, such as the gut, so the effects are also systemic.

It will rejuvenate any tissue you put it on – especially bones, but also joints, skin, etc

It combats inflammation, oxidative stress and reduces CRH/HPA/stress pathway activation [1]… Therefore, it directly combats the root causes of fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.

This will benefit most cases of CFS, Fibromyalgia, brain fog, fatigue after meals, autoimmune conditions, etc…

Comparing ICES to LLLT and Others

LLLT has some negatives to it like fatigue and cognitive laziness – but the positive effects outweigh the negatives ones, so I strongly recommend LLLT as well.

ICES is more stimulatory and wakeful promoting and doesn’t have the same drawbacks as LLLT.

LLLT can temporarily worsen cognition in some ways, whereas ICES has a smaller detriment.

This works better than the supplements because it’s able to work locally and it’s probably more powerful on a systemic level, too. The supplements have many other effects on the body and if you take too many you’ll get side effects. So it’s much better to deal with a problem locally if the source of the issue is local. People with chronic fatigue most often have the inflammation only on a local level in their hypothalamus.

So this is probably a wiser purchase than buying/combining 20 different supplements. And if you don’t like it you can return it.

However, I want to reiterate that I don’t believe any single intervention cures chronic issues most of the time.

ICES: An Unfair Advantage (better than PEMF)?

The micropulse or ICES device has helped some clients with brain fog, fatigue, inflammation, and oxidative stress. It’s also supposedly amazing for chronic pain and wound healing.

It’s not a miracle or cure, but then again, nothing is. I believe that chronic health issues are almost never fixed by any single intervention.

I think diet is more important for most people in reducing inflammation. The lectin avoidance diet has helped me tremendously.

ICES works better for my food sensitivities than LLLT, PEMF, Hi-Maize, PQQ, Pregnenolone, Curcumin, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Nicotinamide Riboside, Molecular hydrogen, various herbs, etc…

Don’t confuse this to mean it’s better than everything else combined. I still recommend using it with other stuff if you have a chronic issue.

I believe ICES should be a tool in many people’s toolkit because we all stray from an optimal diet and lifestyle. And who hasn’t ever gotten injuries that need to be healed more quickly?

It has a great ratio of benefits to drawbacks. Also, since it’s not consumable/perishable, it has a great value for what you’re getting compared to supplements.

Using ICES

Using ICES On Your Head

I called up Somapulse and the lady told me she uses it on her head for migraines and it gets rid of it. She also said Dr. Pawluk uses it on his head while he goes walking.

I actually kept it on my head for about 3 hours on the most powerful setting on two different days as a mega-dosing and safety experiment and I was fine. The safety margins are quite wide.

I noticed a benefit almost instantly of putting it on my head. My brain would’ve exploded if I put LLLT on my head for 3 hours.

I was slightly less sharp, but this went away quickly. I generally feel a bit less sharp from any strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and/or HPA reducer.

I’ve put it on my head for long periods and it was also fine.

How I’ve Been Using It

I put ICES on my brain, gut, thyroid, thymus, heart, kidneys, testes, liver, spleen and anywhere that I have pain.

1) I put it to the highest setting and keep it on my brain for like an hour.

I put it there especially after breakfast, exercise or other times in which I am at risk for getting fatigued.

I put it on the crown of my head with the coils stacked and the back of my head. I also put it on a bunch of other places on my head. One favorite position is both coils on opposite sides of my head, above my ears and slightly moved toward my forehead.

My aim is to target my hypothalamus, which has local inflammation from CRH [2] and CCK [3].

2) I’ve used this on my gut very successfully to increase digestion and the effects have been mind-blowing. It increases vagus nerve stimulation. It also seems to help quite a lot with food sensitivities and increasing gut flow. It increases appetite dramatically, too, which is a good thing for me since I can consume more calories without feeling crappy afterwards. Having adequate calories is important for thyroid hormone production and for cold therapy.

3) On my thymus, which is right below the neck area. I do this to increase immunity.

4) I Put this on my heart for heart and circulation health.

5, 6, 7 & 8) I put it on my kidney, adrenals, spleen, and liver. These are all located below the chest area. I move the coils around when I stimulate my gut.

Do You Need ICES AND Supplements?

Out of all of the clients I’ve gotten (~1,000), I was probably worse than everyone except perhaps a handful of people.

Also, my job and everything I do requires optimal cognitive performance as well.

The reason I’ve had a greater degree of healing than other people is that I’m willing to do everything that it takes to be healthy. So far I haven’t seen anyone have the same level of commitment.

This is a big reason why I am driven to keep finding better technologies and solutions because people have a hard time doing everything it takes to get completely better. People have limits on diet, lifestyle, supplements, and devices. We have financial limitations as well.

So if you can do everything, this will obviously be ideal. But if you had to choose between supplements and ICES because of financial limitations, I would choose ICES. But if you can afford both, I would recommend you do both.

My Discussion With Dr. Dennis

Part One

  • The problem with clinical science and the benefit of self-experimentation.
  • His run-ins with greedy investors and marketers, the inefficiencies of academia and the stifling climate of innovation as a result of regulatory bodies.
  • Why ICES is the best PEMF device to get. Dr. Dennis says that much of the NASA research that most people base their device off of is outdated and much of the knowledge is in his head.
  • How Dr. Dennis is not in this for the money, but rather uses the proceeds from sales to fund further research.
  • How the makers of expensive PEMF devices actually use this device.
  • Whether EMFs are harmful and how Dr. Dennis optimized ICES to emit the least amounts of it. Also, we discuss some EMF mitigation techniques that Dr. Dennis uses for himself.

See part 1 of the video.

Part Two

How ICES is working… Which genes are upregulated and which are downregulated.

How it works by suppressing unnecessary inflammation.

We discuss some of the studies done on ICES:

  • Rabbit study… bones healed that should’ve never healed
  • Pain in animals was lower
  • Alexandria clinical study on facial reconstruction
  • Healing in half the time, sweeping wasn’t there
  • Much of the inflammation is pathologic and doesn’t need to be there
  • Pain pill addict didn’t need pain meds after ICES
  • Quality of healing was better

We also discuss:

  • What he thinks of DIY PEMF devices
  • What the specs of the low, medium, high and X settings?
  • What he thinks of static magnets… He hasn’t been able to detect changes at the cellular level, but he doesn’t know what the effect is on the organism level.
  • Why most PEMF devices don’t have the right configuration.
  • Why more power is probably worse.
  • How much of the information about the development of ICES has not been published, so no one can claim to make such a device.
  • Why he thinks we have unnecessary inflammation
  • Why ICES is not insanely popular?
  • Why ICES isn’t trying to get FDA approval and the cost involved
  • How ICES actually doesn’t suppress cytokines
  • How Dr. Pawluk uses it every morning when he goes running because it clears his head
  • How ICES interacts with cancer treatment – unknown, but if you look at the studies below in animals, it may provide benefit, but clinical evidence is needed.
  • How to know which settings to use.
  • Which rechargeable batteries to get (see below).
  • What to do if it’s not working for you.
  • Why you need to replace the coils frequently.

See part 2 of the discussion.

Dr. Dennis’s Video On How ICES Works

Dr. Dennis made is how tutorial about how ICES is working. I suggest you watch it.


ICES Prevents Fatigue

Normally caffeine makes me crash, but with this product, there was no noticeable negative effect when I consumed caffeine, which is something that no other supplement or device has been able to do.

ICES by itself won’t cure your fatigue, but it’s an amazing tool.

Even though I consider myself completely healthy now, I need to keep my ship extremely tight – having a good diet and lifestyle – and a supplement regime makes me feel even better.

For example, if I take a really long walk or stray from my diet I will get fatigued. When I have ICES on it pretty much prevents these effects as long as it’s on my brain.

For this reason, I consider ICES to be a critical part of my wellness toolkit.


In a cell model, PEMF at 5 Hz (and 40 gauss) decreased TNF and NF-kB. PEMF was beneficial in modulating the immune response in the presence of infection [4].

Vagus Nerve Activation and Heart Rate Variability

In people with fatigue, anxiety and gut problems, the vagus nerve is almost always at play.

People may also find that their heart rate variability is lower… Low heart rate variability is caused by low vagus activation. HRV and vagus nerve activation are critical to your health.

Vagus nerve activation increases gut flow, heart rate variability, decreases inflammation, among many other effects and is largely responsible for the mind-body connection, since the vagus nerve goes everywhere.

ICES/PEMF increases vagus nerve activity and heart rate variability [5]… I use it on my gut and brain for this purpose.

I notice my gut flow increases and inflammation is reduced everywhere when I put this on my gut and brain. I believe this is from vagus nerve stimulation, given that we know the vagus nerve is stimulated by magnets. The referenced studies show that as well.

Because the vagus nerve is associated with many different functions and brain regions, preliminary research shows positive effects for a variety of conditions including various anxiety disorders, heart disease, intestinal barrier breakdown, OCD, Alzheimer’s disease, memory and mood disorders in elderly, migraines, fibromyalgia, obesity, tinnitus, alcohol addiction, autism, bulimia, severe mental diseases, multiple sclerosis and chronic heart failure [6].

PEMF Increases Mitochondrial Function and ATP

In rats, PEMF increases gene production of mitochondrial subunits and mitochondrial activity, which makes them work better to produce more ATP [7].

In particular, it increased Cytochrome C Oxidase activity by 3X after 35 days and increased the number of these units as well (by increasing mRNA transcription and translation). The longer the animals did this for, the better the effect [7].

In flies, it increased mitochondrial function and density. It did this in part by increasing the first complex of the electron chain transport and also by increasing neurofibromin, which improves mitochondrial ATP synthesis in the neuron, enhances the movements of mitochondria to the synapse and promotes potentiation (which are needed for learning and memory) [8].

Increased Blood Supply, Vasodilation, and Oxygenation

Thirty minutes of PEMF treatment on rat brains, induced brain blood vessel dilation, leading to an increase in blood flow and tissue oxygenation that persisted for at least 3 hours. The effects of PEMF were mediated by Nitric Oxide [9].

Moving Ions Around Cells

If you watch the video by Dr. Dennis, he mentions his theory of how PEMF/ICES works by the pulsed magnetic fields causing ions to flow around the cell membrane, which then causes some unknown proteins on the membrane to activate. This causes a host of positive changes for the cell (see his video).

Since there are moving ions from the magnetic field, I would be surprised if something was happening with the structure of the water in the cell – such as the creation of EZ water.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the moving negative ions got rid of toxins/infections from the cell, but this is speculative.

Other Indications


In a placebo-controlled, double-blind study comparing 5 weeks of Transcranial PEMF in patients with treatment-resistant major depression, T-PEMF was superior to placebo. Few side effects were observed (10, 11).


PEMF was found to reduce S Aureus growth, a common bacteria. The decrease of at least 20% in CFU value was obtained for frequencies above 200 Hz and all five studied magnetic flux densities (0.5 mT. 1.0 mT, 1.5 mT, 2.0 mT, and 2.5 mT). The results demonstrated that PEMF exposures at 150-500 Hz are more effective than exposures at 3-100 Hz [12].

Cellular studies also show a decrease in S Aureus growth rate [13].

E Coli is also reduced by PEMF. The maximum reduction in bacterial growth was observed with the exposures at 3 Hz and 0.5 mT. The maximum decrease in CFU was recorded for the exposure at 500 Hz and 2.5 mT, which corresponds to a relative decrease of 77.26% in the bacterial growth [14].


In animals with breast cancer, PEMF was found to suppress VEGF and VEGF receptor (VEGFR) expression in treated tumors. Two weeks after treatment, the growth of treated tumors was inhibited by 79% [15].


EMFs negative affect fertility and they are all around us. A study showed that PEMF can help reverse the effects of EMFs on fertility by combating oxidative stress [16].


PEMF significantly improved regeneration of neuronal cells [17].

Buy ICES: SelfHacked-Exclusive Coupon Codes

You can buy ICES products on their website.

For the A9 and M1 models, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50

For the C5 and B5 Models, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

Updated Info about the New ICES (Gen 6.0: M1, B5, and C5 models)

Read here for reader Q&A about the ICES. If you have questions, most of them are addressed there.

ICES 5.0 is the same reliable and simple ICES technology

For the basic self-hacker who is new to PEMF and wants low price and simplicity, the original model A9 remains a strong product for basic applications to control inflammation. It is the least expensive and simplest PEMF device on the market.

The new (generation 6.0) ICES technology offers much more flexibility, with smaller ultra-portable or larger units with more output ports to build your own self-hacking coil arrays.

ICES 6.0 is based on your input to the design and innovation process

After applying improvements based on user feedback, MicroPulse developed new ICES models, M1 and C5. M1 is the most compact, flexible, ultra-portable self-hacking PEMF technology ever developed and C5 is the best PEMF technology available for simultaneously treating multiple locations, or for configuring your own special coil array for self-hacking.

What’s new in gen 6.0 ICES DigiCeutical Technology?

  • Up to 30 different pre-set PEMF protocols (models M1 and C5) or millions (model B5)

Very fine control of intensity, with 15 digitally-selectable levels for precise control

Gen 6.0 protocols include:

  • all legacy ICES protocols for orthopedic injury and control of inflammation
  • new protocols for inflammation control that tested superior in beta testing
  • Schumann resonances 1 through 5 specifically for the earth-energy self-hacker
  • TMS modes with pre-set time limiter for self-experimenting with depression [18, 19].
  • Constant frequency modes with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 pulses per second (pps)
  • The 5 pps mode is identical to the mode used in a concussion/TBI study [20, 21]
  • special protocols for self-hackers interested in brain entrainment:
    • Alpha wave
    • Beta wave in three ranges (low, medium, and high-frequency Beta wave ranges)
    • Delta wave
    • Theta wave
    • Mu wave
    • SMA wave
    • Gamma wave

SelfHacked Exclusive Coupon Codes for ICES

You can buy ICES products on their website.

For the A9 and M1 models, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50

For the C5 and B5 Models, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

This comparison table will help you to select the right model:

Model M1:

The potential for treatment configurations is almost unlimited: for any condition you can choose the right protocol, dial in the optimal power level, put the coils anywhere you need them, and wear the device all day, all night, or 24/7. The ultra-portable size and slim battery let you hide the device anywhere. Now you can self-hack on the go in full stealth mode.

For the M1 model, use the $50 off coupon code: SAVE50

Model C5:

For serious self-hackers and people on a mission to take control of their health, the model C5 may be the right choice for you. With many pre-set ICES protocols, digital intensity control and 4 independently powered output ports, you can use four single pairs of ICES coils, four sets of 2 x 2 coil arrays, or any combination to build your own custom ICES mat or to treat separate areas simultaneously, such as the back, both knees and shoulder, for example. And the coils and coil arrays can be stacked to combine the power for deeper tissue penetration, for deep abdominal or pelvic tissues.

For the C5 model, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

The B5 is raw ICES technology, intended for scientists. It is physically identical to the C5 but requires much more effort to program. You should contact Micro-Pulse before purchasing the model B5.

Model B5:

The B5 is raw ICES technology, intended for scientists. It is physically identical to the C5 but requires much more effort to program. You should contact Micro-Pulse before purchasing the model B5.

For the B5 Model, use the $100 off coupon code: SAVE100

This post contains sponsored links, which means that we may receive a small percentage of profit from your purchase, while the price remains the same to you. The proceeds from your purchase support our research and work. Thank you for your support.

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Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen flipped the script on conventional and alternative medicine…and it worked. Growing up, he suffered from inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and other issues that were poorly understood in traditional healthcare. Frustrated by the lack of good information and tools, Joe decided to embark on a learning journey to decode his DNA and track his biomarkers in search of better health. Through this personalized approach, he discovered his genetic weaknesses and was able to optimize his health 10X better than he ever thought was possible. Based on his own health success, he went on to found SelfDecode, the world’s first direct-to-consumer DNA analyzer & precision health tool that utilizes AI-driven polygenic risk scoring to produce accurate insights and health recommendations. Today, SelfDecode has helped over 100,000 people understand how to get healthier using their DNA and labs.
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