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My Favorite Supplements & Lifestyle Behaviors

Written by Joe Cohen, BS | Last updated:


These are MY personal favorites, and I don’t expect other people to respond in the same ways as me necessarily. SelfDecode has been instrumental in helping me find the best lifestyle and supplements to take for me.

I can look at my genetic predispositions, experiment with the recommendations, and look at the research and lab tests to find what works best for my body.

I always suggest that you follow a health regimen personalized for you. For that, I recommend SelfDecode, which tells you what the top recommended lifestyle and supplements are for your unique DNA.

Health Breakthroughs

My Top Lifestyle Changes

These health behaviors I feel led to quite significant breakthroughs in my health.

  1. Lectin avoidance/dietary changes to fit my genes (avoiding all grains & beans – dairy and eggs as well for me…Can check your genetics to see what you’re sensitive to) – inflammation, cognitive function, mood
  2. Sun tanning – mood, inflammation
  3. Sunlight – mood
  4. Exercise & Resistance training – mood, cognitive function, testosterone
  5. Sleep mask – sleep
  6. Dimming light at night/blue blockers – sleep
  7. Alcohol/drug avoidance

My Top Supplements

Discovering these substances were quite significant in the areas mentioned.

  1. 5HTP – mood
  2. Resistant Starch/Butyrate – food tolerance, mood, cognition
  3. Niacin – food tolerance, energy
  4. Thiamine – mood
  5. Methylfolate – mood
  6. LSD or Mescaline (sub-visual dosing) – extraversion, energy
  7. Pregnenolone – motivation
  8. Shilajit/Fulvic/humic acid – energy, immunity
  9. Fish oil – inflammation, mood
  10. Curcumin (Longvida) – inflammation, mood
  11. Ergothioneine – energy
  12. Berberine – APOB, blood sugar, longevity
  13. K2 – gums
  14. Rhodiola – mood
  15. EGCG – mood
  16. Zinc – mood, immunity
  17. Lithium orotate – mood
  18. TUDCA – food sensitivities, APOB, Gut, Thyroid
  19. Tryptophan – food sensitivities
  20. Boron – Testosterone
  21. Biotin – immunity, energy
  22. Emoxypine – mitochondria
  23. NADH – energy
  24. Oroxylin A – cognitive function, social
  25. Avena Sativa – cognitive function
  26. Ecklonia Cava – cognitive function
  27. Nutritional yeast – APOB
  28. Tea/EGCG extract – mood
  29. Beta alanine – energy
  30. Glycine – immunity
  31. Rapamycin – longevity, food sensitivities

Supplements That I Like A Lot

These weren’t breakthroughs per se, but they were all helpful.

  1. Thyroid Glandular
  2. NAC
  3. Citicholine
  4. Astragaloside 4
  5. Apigenin
  6. Acetylcarnitine
  7. Anthocyanins (Bilberry/Grapeseed/Blueberry/Bergamot) – mood, inflammation, circulation
  8. Kelp
  9. B12: Methylcobalamin – mood
  10. B6: Pyridoxine – mood
  11. Myoinositol – mood, glucose tolerance
  12. Potassium citrate/butyrate/bicarbonate – blood pressure
  13. Ashwagandha (Sensoril) – mood
  14. Bacopa (Ebelin lactones) – mood
  15. Celastrus – cognitive function
  16. Gynostemma – energy, cognition
  17. American Ginseng
  18. Lion’s Mane
  19. Paraxanthine
  20. Chocamine
  21. Tongkat Ali – libido, testosterone
  22. Activated charcoal – detox fro plastics, kidney health
  23. Oregano oil (enteric-coated) – SIBO
  24. PQQ – energy
  25. Glycine – general
  26. Carnitine – energy, immunity (some long-term risks here though)
  27. Chocamine/Paraxanthine/Snus – cognitive funciton, stimulant
  28. Magnesium – mood
  29. TMG – mood
  30. Spermidine – mood, energy

About the Author

Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen flipped the script on conventional and alternative medicine…and it worked. Growing up, he suffered from inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, and other issues that were poorly understood in traditional healthcare. Frustrated by the lack of good information and tools, Joe decided to embark on a learning journey to decode his DNA and track his biomarkers in search of better health. Through this personalized approach, he discovered his genetic weaknesses and was able to optimize his health 10X better than he ever thought was possible. Based on his own health success, he went on to found SelfDecode, the world’s first direct-to-consumer DNA analyzer & precision health tool that utilizes AI-driven polygenic risk scoring to produce accurate insights and health recommendations. Today, SelfDecode has helped over 100,000 people understand how to get healthier using their DNA and labs.
Joe is a thriving entrepreneur, with a mission of empowering people to take advantage of the precision health revolution and uncover insights from their DNA and biomarkers so that we can all feel great all of the time.


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