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Abelard Lindsay aka Justin is a friend of mine from the forum Longecity.org.

After creating a popular stack that gained a lot of positive responses on Longecity, he released CILTEP and then grew it into Natural Stacks.

Justin’s background has been doing professional software development for 17 years. He has been interested in nootropics and researching the brain for more than 10 years.

He started out on Longecity, reading and discussing nootropics with people and getting deeper into the research, learning more and more about the subjects. His family has a history of neurodegenerative illness in their 70s, so he was always concerned about protecting and optimizing the brain.

He’s followed this hobby with a passion. After doing a lot of research over the years he happened upon these studies concerning PDE4 inhibitors and their synergistic interaction with forskolin and started talking and sharing it with people on Longecity.

Many people had a strong positive reaction to the stack he built. He then released it with a product called CILTEP, and it grew into a phenomenon called Natural Stacks, which really took off and grew beyond his wildest dreams. He’s been working with Natural Stacks on developing supplement stacks for cognitive enhancement ever since.

Justin can be found here: http://www.abelardresearch.com/

You can read about and purchase Justin’s Natural Stacks here: http://www.naturalstacks.com/pages/the-history-of-ciltep

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Joe Cohen, BS

Joe Cohen, BS

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