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You know the saying, “the luck of the Irish”?

Well, when it comes to celiac disease, it seems luck might not be on their side.

Studies have shown that individuals of Irish descent are more susceptible to gut health issues like celiac.

But, while some genes do make you more vulnerable to gut issues, it doesn’t mean that you’ll inevitably develop these problems.

You can take actions to counteract these negative effects.

In fact, I recently used SelfDecode to find out how I can improve my gut health, and Lactobacillus plantarum was at the top of my list.

Here are the exact steps I took to improve my gut health, and how you can do the same.

Steps To Improve Gut Health

I was recently editing an episode of the podcast where gut health was the main focus.

What was once a secondary focus suddenly shifted up in priority.

I’d read a lot on the gut-brain axis, but in my biohacking journey, I’ve focused a lot on the brain, not so much on the gut.

I’ve never experienced any gut health issues, but there are two important things I’ve learned in my years working at SelfDecode:

  1. Preventative measures are always the best form of disease prevention
  2. You might think you don’t have any issues and everything is normal, until you actually solve your unnoticed health issue.

So, the first step to take when looking to improve your gut health is to check your genetics.

Turns out, I was susceptible to a lot, including Celiac Disease, the Irish special.

This is partially because I carry the negative variants of HLA-DQ genes.

The HLA system is like a security system for our immune system, helping it recognize and tackle harmful invaders. Within this system, HLA-DQ is a group of genes responsible for presenting these invaders.

The variant I carry mistakenly marks gluten as a threat and triggers the immune system’s response.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in the same position as I did – susceptible to a large number of important gut health issues?

The second step I took was going to my Recommendations page and filtering it by Gut Health.

Lactobacillus plantarum – which is a probiotic – was near the top, as it counteracts plenty of my negative genes for gut health and other health topics like stress and acne.

When Joe was talking about improving his gut motility on the podcast, histidine was one of his top recommendations.

That’s not even in my top 100!

Your top supplement might be different than both Joe’s and mine because SelfDecode is never the same for any two people.

Optimize Your Gut Health

By following these two simple steps, you can take the first strides towards optimal gut health.

When people talk about technological advancements, the main focus has been about generating images and videos through AI.

But SelfDecode is using the power of tech to give you back control of your health.

What used to be impossible for the average person (like me) is now easily achievable.

Improving your gut health is as easy as checking your genetics and exploring personalized recommendations.



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